Roy Sebag Interviews and Presentations

Public speaking in the form of interviews and presentations has turned out to be an activity I truly enjoy. It isn't always easy to convey the dense subjects I focus on but I think I am improving with time. 

  1. First CNBC Interview - A New Way to Use Gold – CNBC, March, 2015
  2. BitGold Initial Marketing Video - BitGold, March, 2015
  3. BitGold's Roy Sebag Discusses Innovation in Fiat Money – BitGold, April, 2015
  4. First BNN Interview - BitGold - Gold is Currency - BNN, May, 2015
  5. Can BitGold Help Restore an Honest Monetary System? – Jay Taylor Media, June, 2015
  6. What is BitGold? An Interview with Roy Sebag - Financial Sense, June, 2015
  7. BitCoin, Gold, and Money - Roy Sebag and Josh Crumb - BitGold, August, 2015
  8. Roy Sebag Interviews Rick Rule – Bitgold, August, 2015
  9. BitGold Transforms into Goldmoney - BNN, October, 2015
  10. The Gold Standard is Here Again – Jay Taylor Media, October, 2015
  11. Gold's Role in FinTech & The Future of Money –  Precious Metals Summit, November, 2015
  12. Goldmoney Payment System Interview – Jay Taylor Media, January, 2016
  13. Stock Markets & Gold - Live with BitGold Founders – David Seaman, February, 2016
  14. RealVision Grant Williams Interviews Roy Sebag  - MacroMavens, February 2016
  15. Value Investing Podcast w/ Roy Sebag, CEO GoldMoney Inc – David Seaman, March, 2016
  16. Bloomberg: Roy Sebag on Fed’s Impact on Gold (Audio) – Bloomberg, April, 2016
  17. Bloomberg Canada - Roy Sebag Interview GoldMoney CEO – Bloomberg, April, 2016
  18. Goldmoney Graduates to TSX Interview -  BNN, April, 2016
  19. Roy Sebag Interview at Money 20/20 in Copenhagen – CNBC, April, 2016
  20. Gold's Unfamiliar History: A BitGold Conversation with John Butler – BitGold, April, 2016
  21. GoldMoney Roundtable: History And Importance of Gold – Goldmoney, May, 2016
  22. Max Keiser Interviews Roy Sebag & Josh Crumb – Goldmoney, June, 2016
  23. Roy Sebag Presentation at FEI in Jerusalem – Friedberg Economic Institute, June, 2016
  24. CNBC Fast Money - Will Gold continue to Shine? CNBC, September, 2016
  25. Roy Sebag on Personal Gold StandardBloomberg (Audio), September, 2016 
  26. A Conversation between Roy Sebag and Peter Schiff - Peter Schiff, September, 2016
  27. BNN Interview - Goldmoney, Bitcoin, and Hyperinflation - BNN, January, 2017
  28. Bloomberg Radio Interview - Gold, Silver, Trade, and Trump - Bloomberg, February, 2017
  29. Goldmoney 2017 Outlook and Roundtable Conversation- Goldmoney, February, 2017
  30. CNBC Europe Interview - Goldmoney Platform Update - CNBC, February, 2017


Roy Sebag Public Writings

Since 2004, I have at times published private or public essays. The majority are investment related and for the most part related to a specific investment thesis on a single-name idea. Over time, my writing expanded into global-macroeconomic analysis and natural resources. In the future, I will begin to share some of my writings on philosophy and economic theory in collaboration with others.  I have also started publishing on Medium where you can read my latest thoughts and musings.

1. Reality Approaching - Investment Partnership Letter - 2007

2. The Great Delevering - Investment Partnership Letter - 2008

3. TravelCenters Long Investment Thesis - 2008

4. Dollar Thrifty Group Long Investment Thesis - 2008

5. Crocs Long Investment Thesis- 2008

6. ExpressJet Long Investment Thesis - 2009

7. The Natural Resources Investor - Investor Partnership Letter - 2010

8. Bank of America Long Investment Thesis -2011

9. Porsche Holdings Long Investment Thesis - 2011

10. Natural Resource Holdings - Investor Letter - 2011

11.  Global Gold Mine & Deposit Ranking - 2012

12. Respectfully Disagreeing with Buffett's Recent Views on Gold - 2012

13. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Long Investment Thesis - 2012

14. Global Gold Mine & Deposit Ranking - 2013

15. Why Gold? The Science and Physics Underlying Gold - 2014

16. Buffett's Math Trumped By Gold - 2015

17. Gold's Natural Monetary Properties - 2016

18. Goldmoney Investor Letter - 2016.

19. Newish - The Myth of Temporal Exceptionalism - 2016

20. The Gold Jewelry Standard — A Continuous System from Ancient Times to Present Day - 2017

21. The Natural Order of Money and Why Abstract Currencies Fail - 2017


My Library - Roy Sebag

When it comes to books, I have a simple system. I order any book that piques my interest either from Amazon or when perusing a local book store. I then keep a "book hopper" around me with the candidates I will likely read at some point in time. Once I complete a book and have sufficiently ingested its contents, I add the book to my library. 

My library currently totals 558 books which seems crazy in hindsight. My hopper totals an additional 200~ or so. Since adopting the Kindle for reading, I still make sure I purchase a physical copy for my library. 

At Goldmoney Insights, our proprietary research portal, I came up with the idea to publish book reports as I felt it was a great way to share with our clients the body of knowledge I and other founders at the company have acquired over the years which led us to similar world views. While I have yet to upload all the books, we currently have around 200 book reports which I have recommended.


Insatiable Thirst for Wisdom - Roy Sebag

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Do you know? That difference has been my chief concern for over 20 years since I first accessed the internet on my dial-up modem. With unparalleled access to information, I was armed with the ability to finally resolve my unrelenting curiosities on virtually every topic from science to history to economics.

To me, wisdom is the experienced and lucid truth within any epistemology. The moment when sufficient reflection enlightens ones consciousness to the point of empowerment.

While I have no formal training or education in any specific discipline, I have found reading and writing to be on par with investing as the primary sources of happiness in my life. I didn't always recognize this. At first, it was merely a requisite as part of my investment process. However, as I began to delve into multiple industries and sectors, I needed to learn more about the nature of the world around me. It was through these diverse arrows of inquiry that I began to notice how deep and unquenchable my curiosity was for more information and more wisdom. More importantly, I recognized it was not only investing I was interested in but rather a plethora of disciplines and branches of human thought. 

Though I value my privacy, I have decided to share any of my writings and interviews which have been previously published. These include investor letters, investment idea write-ups, blog posts, interviews, talks, and lectures. It is my hope that I can inspire others to embrace their inner curiosities and continue to satisfy their own virtuous quest for wisdom.