My Library - Roy Sebag

When it comes to books, I have a simple system. I order any book that piques my interest either from Amazon or when perusing a local book store. I then keep a "book hopper" around me with the candidates I will likely read at some point in time. Once I complete a book and have sufficiently ingested its contents, I add the book to my library. 

My library currently totals 558 books which seems crazy in hindsight. My hopper totals an additional 200~ or so. Since adopting the Kindle for reading, I still make sure I purchase a physical copy for my library. 

At Goldmoney Insights, our proprietary research portal, I came up with the idea to publish book reports as I felt it was a great way to share with our clients the body of knowledge I and other founders at the company have acquired over the years which led us to similar world views. While I have yet to upload all the books, we currently have around 200 book reports which I have recommended.