Insatiable Thirst for Wisdom - Roy Sebag

What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Do you know? That difference has been my chief concern for over 20 years since I first accessed the internet on my dial-up modem. With unparalleled access to information, I was armed with the ability to finally resolve my unrelenting curiosities on virtually every topic from science to history to economics.

To me, wisdom is the experienced and lucid truth within any epistemology. When information enlightens consciousness to the point where sufficient reflection of the subject matter leaves one empowered forever. 

While I have no formal training or education in any specific discipline, I have found reading and writing to be on par with investing as the primary sources of happiness in my life. I didn't always recognize this. At first, it was merely a requisite as part of my investment process. However, as I began to delve into multiple industries and sectors, I needed to learn more about the world around me and it was through these diverse arrows of inquiry that I began to notice how deep and unquenchable my curiosity was for more information and more wisdom. More importantly, I recognized it was not only investing I was interested in but other disciplines and branches of human thought. 

Though I value my privacy, I have decided in this section to share all my writings and interviews which have been at one point or another made public. These include investor letters, investment idea write-ups, blog posts, interviews, talks, and lectures. It is my hope that I can inspire others to embrace their inner curiosities and continue to satisfy their own virtuous quest for wisdom.